Saturday, February 28, 2009

Motivation is Meaningless

From the title you might guess that motivation is meaningless. In some rare cases people actually follow through with what they intend to do. Fat people are notorious for this. "I'm gonna look that 40 pounds, I promise myself" they fill their minds with all these ideas of losing weight and the vision of a better life to MOTIVATE them. There's only one flaw to this, people are easily tempted. Fatty McFatfat might be on a diet, but the moment he smells that donut all bets are off. It goes farther that people and diets; students who wish to get good grades, husbands who want to be good fathers, the like. We fall into such a routine that its almost impossible to get out and CHANGE. So if motivation to change is nearly impossible, why go through all the effort? Simply to just again prove how worthless and goal unoriented we are! Haha

Scape Goats to the Slaughter

I hate when the innocent get punished. The guilty find a patsy to sacrafice in order to keep thier own noses clean. We pass the buck to make life right, to satisfy the need for justice someone musy pay. Why not the guilty? With clever criminal minds they can easily, like conmen, trick people into playing their twisted games. High profile cases that the police investigate have many eyes upon them, with no answers the heat gets cranked up. When no solid evidence is found, they forget ethics and plant evidence or trick suspects into giving fasle statements. A very well written book, "Rag and the Bone Shop" by Robert Cormier tells the story of a boy who has been accused of murdering a little girl. The boy is clearly innocent, but after being hammered my detectives and having brutal interrogation techniques put on him, confesses. The scaiest part of the book, is that this young boy not only confesses to a crime he did not commit, but ends up believing he actually did do it. Scary stuff, people will go to any extreme to find that golden scape goat.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Good O'le Fashion Gay Bashin'

My brother's gay. I like my brother. Therefore I like gays. Wait let me rephrase, I tolerate gays. I'm indifferent to gays. Do whatever you want just leave me out of it! Ignorant people believe this is a sudden change, same sex intamacy. Truth be told it's been happening since the 1800's. Unlike now back then it was just casual. Nowadays its become more than casual and like feminist these "people" are demanding rights aswell. As much as I can tolerate them, the right to join in marriage is something sacred between a MAN AND WOMAN. I think Southpark got it right, in "Follow that Egg" Give them the option of getting joined, but called Butt Buddies in marriges step. With that said, gay people have been here, the situation has been fine up until the social movement. If we give gays and inch, they will take a mile. Stay strong willed and not give in because once we as a society submit to the demands of irrational beings, it will be hard to regain our composure.

Prison is a Party

Today in school we discussed the prison system. Something around 30,000 to house each of these losers and close to 2.5 million to execute one. That is ridiculous from anybody perspective. The money we spend to house these degenerates is more than some people earn in one years salary! Bogus. Not to mention how packed these prisons are. Lets just say there are 200 inmates in just one prison. 200 x 30,000= 6,000,000 million dollars to house, and this is just one of the many prisons. Give me one dollar and enough bullets and I'll personally blow off every murderer, rapist, and heavy narcotics dealers head, point blank range. I strongly feel that if the goverment started to publically show the masses they meant business about committing serious crime things could posibly start to change. All it takes are a few goats to parade infront of an audience, make an example of of them and the rest will follow suit. The mentallity of a inmate is this: Serve the time, which will be much shorter than sentenced due to the overcrowding of the prisons. Learn from his mistakes so that when he gets out he doesn't get caught again. This prison punishment is surely unjust. We need a new alternative. Complete eradication is what I move for, no second chances. A life for a life, innocence lost and fear in it's step should be punished by death. As for these drug dealers, they should suffer the most. Most rapes and murders occur over or under the influence of them so they are the source of much of the problem. Off with their heads!

Silly Police

Cops everywhere are abusing thier power. Just because they have a badge they feel that it's ok to pick on innocent people. Whenever I hear about a cop brutally attacking someone it makes my skin crawl. I wonder what really happened. I watch Cops every saturday and from time to time I'll see them take down some guy and even after he's down they proceed to wail on him. I can understand the rush they must get from that, I used to wrestle and if I knew I could mess up my opponent I would be relentless in doing so. We entrust officers to be people we can trust, We rely on them to keep the peace, they are suppose to be clear headed, elite individuals who swear to protect and serve.

Evil is Good

There's good and there's evil. One without the other and you'll have nothing. What is good if you have nothing evil to compare it to? This balance between the two keep our ideology in check. Knowing what is evil can allow us to keep walking the fine line. There are people who are evil. These people, as bad as they are seen to be, are essential to life. Where would we be without evil? Well most technological advances where made it times of war and medical research doesn't occur until after the disease has killed thousands of people. Evil has allowed our species to evolve.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mentally Handicapped Epidemic!

Since the beginning of time, man has contributed to society. From the cavemen who hunted and fought for their tribe, to today's businessmen who works around the clock providing for his family. Point being, contribution to society is key. Inept individuals, the mentally handicap, lack the skills to perform such actions and therefore must be eradicated. Now before anyone begins to feel too enraged to read on, let me just say this idea of "mentally handicap" is based not on those indiviuals who are "retarded" but simply those who lack the capacity to understand and communicate. For our sake not to confuse the two we will call these isolated minds, Bons. Bons must be constantly watched, with no understanding of the norms, laws, and values of society they easy can counter society. Bon's are treated as children throughout their existing lives. Not responsible enough to hold a job or live on their own, they leech off societies sympathy.

Alaskan tradition, when a tribe member became too old or wounded in a way he could no longer provide, he would walk out of the reservation into the cold to die. They understood that the strong survived and the weak and inept will perish. In today's society we completely ignore this idea of the survival of the fittest and allow everyone the right to live. While this is ultimately a positive idea, we fail to realize that those Bons throw off the gene pool by allowingthe weak to carry on in future generations. This can only be seen as a negative attribute, our agenda as a species is to evolve and become stronger both physically and mentally. With Bons strands of weak genes get passed along destroying the natural plan.

Bons are a drain on the economy. Without jobs, responsibilty, and full functioning mind only the autonomic functions remain. Breathing, eating, and excreting are all they can be predicted to do. For those who have custudy over them must watch them or pay people to, buy them food, and spend money of devices that suit their needs. Millions of dollars just being thrown out the door and in return nothing more than blank stares and jibberish. We can argue that they are needed for medical research, but again why not save a few million bucks by just eliminating them from society. Unfortunatly, there's really nothing we can do except talk about the issue, no course of action can be implemented without violating the rights given to these individuals. Think of what we could do with all the money that is funding research in a lost cause. Reasearch in fields such cancer can recieve these funds instead to expidiate results on diseases that can restrore vitality in functioning people. Stop wasting time on a minority that should fo perished long ago and worry about people that can and are and have the capacity to function in society.

Just Desserts???

I've got serious problems when I have to witness some lesser informed individual given the same oppurtunities as me. I'm willing to bet you, the reader, have fell victim to a situation similar. Working day and night to get that A grade on a term paper because it's due on a specific date. All that hard work and effort to create a masterpiece for final analysis only to find out that soem students procrastinated so long that they are still procrastinating in class after the fact its due! So the teacher manipulates the date so the morons who lack ambition can make time in their busy schedules of farting around on the computer and conversing on the phone to eventually come up with something to vaguely write about. Then the due dates approaches for a second time and still a good chunk of dead beat students, not worthy of being in the class, have more excuses of why they couldn't and didn't do it. Hopefully you pray the teacher finnaly gets the hint that these people are inept and collects the due paper and fails the failures. Later on close to the end of the semester these said failures finally get the epiphany that they need to pass and theres not way in hell they can possibly do it with out the aid of the teacher. That's when good ole bonus points come into save the day. Bonus points, the savior of under achievers. These cretins pull out their bowls and whip out their spoons to scoop up as many extra credit points they can fit down their pie hole. Finally the semester is over you talk to your buds, some of which are part of the vastly growing cancer, ask him "What'd you get in english?" he simply responds with a grin "B plus" Jaw dropping, you think back to events in the classroom that could of possibly given him this outcome. Never turned in a essay, barely passed the grammar tests, how the hell did he manage a B plus? BONUS! Breakfast of losers. Anger is the feeling you get when you put all your time into something to accomplish it only to find others who didn't commit nearly as much as you, but ended up with a high grade anyway. Shame on teachers who allow extra credit into the curiculum, students should pass based on performance solely and not on petty pity points for students with priorities other than their education. You might tell me I rant and rave, who cares, just deal with it. This is just one instance my good friends, this is no different than the bum who leeches off the tax payers dime. Just desserts, the ideology that people deserve what they work for, coined by Socrates one of the great greek philosphers. No free hand outs, no free lunch, and especially no free bonus points.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It never surprises me when a women reluctantly changes her mind. It happens so often that it could even habitual for some. I strongly beleive some women actually want the wrong thing just so they have the oppurtunity to, at the last moment, change their fragile minds. Not only does this constant flux from this to that, but also this so called feminist loons that crave equality. Again, these women DO NOT know what they desire. Equal rights as men is a joke, being mildly sexist I can say that women just aren't as good as men. Not to put down women entirely, but for a women to think she can play on the same field is just ludacris. Physically we are different, mentally we different, and emotionally we are different. I guess since we fall under the same species that should suggest equality. If you ask me women have it good; less responsibility, few mandatory obligations, and lower expectation. Men on the other hand have obligations towards an array of things. These things include the draft, working, bread winner/main support of family. Not only these obligations do they have, but also the expectation to work and support aswell as the responsibility too. With that said feminists who still fight for said rights and priveledges only fight for the rights and privledges. The benefits of man are what they are after, burdens can be thrown to the dogs. They want equal rights, honestly I'm fine with it just as long as they raise the performance expectations back to normal standards, include women in the draft, and after pregnancy not allowing a six month paid leave. Those are just a few compromises of women and if they feel they want to be treated as men they have to pay to play.