Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It never surprises me when a women reluctantly changes her mind. It happens so often that it could even habitual for some. I strongly beleive some women actually want the wrong thing just so they have the oppurtunity to, at the last moment, change their fragile minds. Not only does this constant flux from this to that, but also this so called feminist loons that crave equality. Again, these women DO NOT know what they desire. Equal rights as men is a joke, being mildly sexist I can say that women just aren't as good as men. Not to put down women entirely, but for a women to think she can play on the same field is just ludacris. Physically we are different, mentally we different, and emotionally we are different. I guess since we fall under the same species that should suggest equality. If you ask me women have it good; less responsibility, few mandatory obligations, and lower expectation. Men on the other hand have obligations towards an array of things. These things include the draft, working, bread winner/main support of family. Not only these obligations do they have, but also the expectation to work and support aswell as the responsibility too. With that said feminists who still fight for said rights and priveledges only fight for the rights and privledges. The benefits of man are what they are after, burdens can be thrown to the dogs. They want equal rights, honestly I'm fine with it just as long as they raise the performance expectations back to normal standards, include women in the draft, and after pregnancy not allowing a six month paid leave. Those are just a few compromises of women and if they feel they want to be treated as men they have to pay to play.

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