Friday, February 27, 2009

Prison is a Party

Today in school we discussed the prison system. Something around 30,000 to house each of these losers and close to 2.5 million to execute one. That is ridiculous from anybody perspective. The money we spend to house these degenerates is more than some people earn in one years salary! Bogus. Not to mention how packed these prisons are. Lets just say there are 200 inmates in just one prison. 200 x 30,000= 6,000,000 million dollars to house, and this is just one of the many prisons. Give me one dollar and enough bullets and I'll personally blow off every murderer, rapist, and heavy narcotics dealers head, point blank range. I strongly feel that if the goverment started to publically show the masses they meant business about committing serious crime things could posibly start to change. All it takes are a few goats to parade infront of an audience, make an example of of them and the rest will follow suit. The mentallity of a inmate is this: Serve the time, which will be much shorter than sentenced due to the overcrowding of the prisons. Learn from his mistakes so that when he gets out he doesn't get caught again. This prison punishment is surely unjust. We need a new alternative. Complete eradication is what I move for, no second chances. A life for a life, innocence lost and fear in it's step should be punished by death. As for these drug dealers, they should suffer the most. Most rapes and murders occur over or under the influence of them so they are the source of much of the problem. Off with their heads!

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