Friday, February 27, 2009

Good O'le Fashion Gay Bashin'

My brother's gay. I like my brother. Therefore I like gays. Wait let me rephrase, I tolerate gays. I'm indifferent to gays. Do whatever you want just leave me out of it! Ignorant people believe this is a sudden change, same sex intamacy. Truth be told it's been happening since the 1800's. Unlike now back then it was just casual. Nowadays its become more than casual and like feminist these "people" are demanding rights aswell. As much as I can tolerate them, the right to join in marriage is something sacred between a MAN AND WOMAN. I think Southpark got it right, in "Follow that Egg" Give them the option of getting joined, but called Butt Buddies in marriges step. With that said, gay people have been here, the situation has been fine up until the social movement. If we give gays and inch, they will take a mile. Stay strong willed and not give in because once we as a society submit to the demands of irrational beings, it will be hard to regain our composure.

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