Saturday, February 28, 2009

Motivation is Meaningless

From the title you might guess that motivation is meaningless. In some rare cases people actually follow through with what they intend to do. Fat people are notorious for this. "I'm gonna look that 40 pounds, I promise myself" they fill their minds with all these ideas of losing weight and the vision of a better life to MOTIVATE them. There's only one flaw to this, people are easily tempted. Fatty McFatfat might be on a diet, but the moment he smells that donut all bets are off. It goes farther that people and diets; students who wish to get good grades, husbands who want to be good fathers, the like. We fall into such a routine that its almost impossible to get out and CHANGE. So if motivation to change is nearly impossible, why go through all the effort? Simply to just again prove how worthless and goal unoriented we are! Haha

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