Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scape Goats to the Slaughter

I hate when the innocent get punished. The guilty find a patsy to sacrafice in order to keep thier own noses clean. We pass the buck to make life right, to satisfy the need for justice someone musy pay. Why not the guilty? With clever criminal minds they can easily, like conmen, trick people into playing their twisted games. High profile cases that the police investigate have many eyes upon them, with no answers the heat gets cranked up. When no solid evidence is found, they forget ethics and plant evidence or trick suspects into giving fasle statements. A very well written book, "Rag and the Bone Shop" by Robert Cormier tells the story of a boy who has been accused of murdering a little girl. The boy is clearly innocent, but after being hammered my detectives and having brutal interrogation techniques put on him, confesses. The scaiest part of the book, is that this young boy not only confesses to a crime he did not commit, but ends up believing he actually did do it. Scary stuff, people will go to any extreme to find that golden scape goat.

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