Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Desserts???

I've got serious problems when I have to witness some lesser informed individual given the same oppurtunities as me. I'm willing to bet you, the reader, have fell victim to a situation similar. Working day and night to get that A grade on a term paper because it's due on a specific date. All that hard work and effort to create a masterpiece for final analysis only to find out that soem students procrastinated so long that they are still procrastinating in class after the fact its due! So the teacher manipulates the date so the morons who lack ambition can make time in their busy schedules of farting around on the computer and conversing on the phone to eventually come up with something to vaguely write about. Then the due dates approaches for a second time and still a good chunk of dead beat students, not worthy of being in the class, have more excuses of why they couldn't and didn't do it. Hopefully you pray the teacher finnaly gets the hint that these people are inept and collects the due paper and fails the failures. Later on close to the end of the semester these said failures finally get the epiphany that they need to pass and theres not way in hell they can possibly do it with out the aid of the teacher. That's when good ole bonus points come into save the day. Bonus points, the savior of under achievers. These cretins pull out their bowls and whip out their spoons to scoop up as many extra credit points they can fit down their pie hole. Finally the semester is over you talk to your buds, some of which are part of the vastly growing cancer, ask him "What'd you get in english?" he simply responds with a grin "B plus" Jaw dropping, you think back to events in the classroom that could of possibly given him this outcome. Never turned in a essay, barely passed the grammar tests, how the hell did he manage a B plus? BONUS! Breakfast of losers. Anger is the feeling you get when you put all your time into something to accomplish it only to find others who didn't commit nearly as much as you, but ended up with a high grade anyway. Shame on teachers who allow extra credit into the curiculum, students should pass based on performance solely and not on petty pity points for students with priorities other than their education. You might tell me I rant and rave, who cares, just deal with it. This is just one instance my good friends, this is no different than the bum who leeches off the tax payers dime. Just desserts, the ideology that people deserve what they work for, coined by Socrates one of the great greek philosphers. No free hand outs, no free lunch, and especially no free bonus points.

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