Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mentally Handicapped Epidemic!

Since the beginning of time, man has contributed to society. From the cavemen who hunted and fought for their tribe, to today's businessmen who works around the clock providing for his family. Point being, contribution to society is key. Inept individuals, the mentally handicap, lack the skills to perform such actions and therefore must be eradicated. Now before anyone begins to feel too enraged to read on, let me just say this idea of "mentally handicap" is based not on those indiviuals who are "retarded" but simply those who lack the capacity to understand and communicate. For our sake not to confuse the two we will call these isolated minds, Bons. Bons must be constantly watched, with no understanding of the norms, laws, and values of society they easy can counter society. Bon's are treated as children throughout their existing lives. Not responsible enough to hold a job or live on their own, they leech off societies sympathy.

Alaskan tradition, when a tribe member became too old or wounded in a way he could no longer provide, he would walk out of the reservation into the cold to die. They understood that the strong survived and the weak and inept will perish. In today's society we completely ignore this idea of the survival of the fittest and allow everyone the right to live. While this is ultimately a positive idea, we fail to realize that those Bons throw off the gene pool by allowingthe weak to carry on in future generations. This can only be seen as a negative attribute, our agenda as a species is to evolve and become stronger both physically and mentally. With Bons strands of weak genes get passed along destroying the natural plan.

Bons are a drain on the economy. Without jobs, responsibilty, and full functioning mind only the autonomic functions remain. Breathing, eating, and excreting are all they can be predicted to do. For those who have custudy over them must watch them or pay people to, buy them food, and spend money of devices that suit their needs. Millions of dollars just being thrown out the door and in return nothing more than blank stares and jibberish. We can argue that they are needed for medical research, but again why not save a few million bucks by just eliminating them from society. Unfortunatly, there's really nothing we can do except talk about the issue, no course of action can be implemented without violating the rights given to these individuals. Think of what we could do with all the money that is funding research in a lost cause. Reasearch in fields such cancer can recieve these funds instead to expidiate results on diseases that can restrore vitality in functioning people. Stop wasting time on a minority that should fo perished long ago and worry about people that can and are and have the capacity to function in society.

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