Sunday, March 1, 2009

Making Money on Adsense

My thoughts are simple ones. Adsense to the novice, me included is not a waste, but more a let down. Websites claim to have the answers, they don't. What they do seem to have are a whole bunck of ads themselves basically suckering those naive people into clicking. Very clever, it reminds me of all these people selling How to get rich books and DVDs. The only people that will end up getting rich are the guys who are selling to suckers. You might argue that you yourself have purchased such items and that you yourself have made money. You will never make nearly as much as they say you will. See if it really worked more people would buy, and also if it worked why would they sell the secret and ruin their own business? DUMB and Adsense is no better. Even if you make $100 dollars your making google $1000 dollars. Did you think they would pay you for nothing?

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