Thursday, March 5, 2009

Don't Think, Join.

In no way am I against the armed forces, but their methods of enlistment in my opinion are persistantly terrifying. I understand recruiters are the military's salepeople and good salespeople they are indeed. Recruiters came to my highschool just as they did every highschool on the prowl for young, influential bodies ripe for the picking. Holding push-up contests and giving away free military shirts, pens, and 16 bit graphic computer games they put on a convincing show in public of being nice. Recruiters then distribute out cards and pamphlets with their information to sow the seeds. From the expierience and ambiance of the highschool encounter, to the actual recruiting station is a entirely different story. From being almost to completely comfortable at the highschool encounter, here the naive indidvidual has no idea of the surroundings and is as nervous as can be. They start by getting some rapport, ask a few questions pretending to be your buddy and out of nowhere lay the pressure on thick. "I'll need you to bring your highschool dipolma, social security card, and your birth certificate in tommorow. Can you do that for me?" You wanna say "No" everything is going too fast, what was once just a curiosity has just evolved into a commitment. In the event you say "No" the recruiters just pelt you with more questions, drillign into your mind until you change your tune. I remember sitting by myself there telling him "I have to really think about it." His reply "What's there to think about?" I stare blankly back, there's one of me, and roughly from my rusty recollection at least four recruiters all with their eys cast upon me. Peer pressue had taken affect, I conceded. You the reader might think to yourself that the situation just shared will never happen to you. Honestly I thought the same way, but when your surrounded and alone your mind gets altered. It's the same principle with teens and their influences with drugs and alcohol, everyone is doing it Why aren't you? With that said, again the armed forces is an excellent route for a lot of people. Don't rush anything and unlike the title, think before you join.

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