Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feather your Nest!

The concept of morality is often misconstrued. Is it moral to give to the poor? Is is moral to help a friend in need? Yes it sounds moral, but what are the intentions of the person swooping into help? For example, say a man and his friend where in line for food. One of the men forgot his wallet and the line is so long and the car is so far away that its impossible to go back, retrieve it and return. The buddy then suggests to him that he will offer to pay. Kind gesture? Sure, but what are the true intention. Does this friend want him under his thumb, so that he who borrows the money is obligated to a favor. Thats when it becomes immoral. Politicans know this rule all to well, they live it, breathe, eat it and drink it.

If you want to be popular, if you want to have friends, if you want to have favors simply do apparently nice things for people over and over. People will flock to you and feel obligated to you for doing such favors for them big and small that when the time arises for you to need them, they will beckon to your call.

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