Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Without a doubt I can say, I love Math. Math was my favorite subject in high school and math is my favorite class in college. I loved almost every class that didn't have a bubbly blond ditz sitting directly in front of me asking redundant questions. Though, I'm nearly not as smart as some people in the field, I try my hardest to reach that point. My true calling in life I believe is to be a math teacher, but by economical reason my dreams must be tucked away to pursue the career of a nurse, I digress. Anything can be explained with numbers. My favorite late night television series "Numb3rs" time and time again show how math can and is used to predict a criminals next move. Math is universal. If you gathered up people from all over the world; Chinese, Germans, Italians, Russians, Americans, Japanese, French, and Spanish though their languages and cultures are worlds apart, math is understood the same. Where ever you go the Pythagorean theorem will indefinitely remain the same. Take my advice, learn all you can. Learn math, learn science, learn english, learn everything. The old saying holds true "Knowledge is power."

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