Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Go Help Yourself"

Why is it that most times someones ask for help they end up helping themselves. People are getting real lazy nowadays. Just this morning I was getting ready for school, I ask my mom " Hey, could you please open the office door I need a pair of underwear" While she was sitting on the couch, eyeballs burned into the television screen replied " No, go help yourself." Wow, thanks mom! i search and search, yet come up fruitless. in the end I free balled, but thats beside the point. Moments after this eccentric decision my mother then asks me to get her cloths out of the laundry and to wake up the boys. Do I help her? Why? Such laziness must be rewarded with assistance, right? No way jos'e! Screw people like that. It always brings me back to the parable I believed to be called "The Little Red Hen." Everyone is too lazy to put in the effort to help, but have their hands out when all is said and done.

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