Monday, March 2, 2009

How to Make Money

I sit in my dark room, laid off. What the hell am I to do now? No job and a whole lot of pride. I can ry to put myself out on the market, but that will take a while seeing that there are way too many people, way to high of a demend, and way not enough open positions to fulfill everyones need. So as I sit, I wonder... These came to mind.

1. Sell useless items (guitar, keyboard, amp, etc) on either craigslist or Ebay. Ebay the way to go I think, craigslist you have blithering idiots who either want to barter or scam you.

2. Pick up a profitable hobby. Make something people want. Example: Greeting cards, candles, and flower bouquets. Seems lame, but people go for it!

3. Sell you skill. Personally I'm good at card illusions, guitar, and well intune with mathematics so putting on shows or becoming a tutor sound good to me! Problem with this one is you need to advertise, but if you really are determined it's possible!

4. Gambling. Risky business, I myself am not a gambler unless the odds are great in my favor or I have a leg up on the situation.

5. Adsense your blog if you have one. I'm doing this right now!

6. Contests and scholarships. Writing contests are big, a good way to beef up your vocab and hopefully get paid in the process. Either way you walk away with something!

7. Beg and Panhandle. For the shameless, whip out the old hat and busted guitar and say "God Bless You" to every pedestrian that crosses your path!

8. Try to find a new job! It will be tedious staring at a computer screen to repeatly fill out resume after resume, hopefully it will be worth it though.

9. Recycle. Aluminum, copper and brass are all worth shiny pennies. Just don't go ripping off someones siding or plumbing. Recycling is a big one!

10. Odd jobs. Yard work, cleaning, moving, transporting all things people ned help with lend a helping hand and they will come back for more! You could start your own business if you wanted!

I can't think of anymore ideas that fall in the realm of legal. So with that I say hope you learned something or found a new way of making some cold hard cash the honest way! Hooray!

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