Monday, March 2, 2009


No problems with race, no problems with status, no problems. When they tell me the goverment is gonna tax my money, then we have a problem. This stimulus bill is a joke and in no way going to benefit me. It targets poor people, people who are already mooching off the system to begin with. You must spend money to make money money is the arguement presented to allow this bill to be passed. We have NO money, we have integrity, we have no jobs. People threw out american tradition and quality and bartered it for cheap labor and mass production. I also like how we don't even care though. Each passing day it seems the goverment has more and more control over us. No questions asks, we just go along like a the naive lamb to the slaughter. With Barracks exceptional public speaking skills he riles up the crowds into a frenzy chanting "CHANGE! CHANGE! CHANGE!" desperatly people want change, people love change, change is usually good. Personally I'm a nostolgic kinda guy, but this "Change" thing even got to me. Which is why I voted for him. He's so sincere thats it's hard not to trust him even though he's a politican. I can't be 100% certain of anything, but I have an idea of what will most likely happen. I think this bill is gonna flop, I think the bill was a dumb idea, I think this bill could of better if they asked the public. Goverment officials think they know what's good for society. Weirdly the public didn't even get to see the bill til it was passed. The people own the goverment, the goverment should obey the people. Instead its been reversed, the people obey the goverment, turning our democracy slowly into something we all will dread.

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