Sunday, March 1, 2009

Global Warming

My idea of global warming is's happening. I agree with the fact the earth is heating up. I also agree with the fact that as a society we pollute excessivly. What i do not agree ith is the relation between global warming and our pollution. With the little information we really know about the earth, how certain can we be that this just isn't a phase? Anthropologists say that the earth has undergone numerous ice ages, why can't this be one. Influential beings alarm the public with horrific documentaries and promote pollution to get rid of pollution. In the end it's just a cheap ploy to rake in the money. Targeting people's fears and offering a swift solution is the key to getting deep in a sucker's wallet. Elections are held the same way, whoever can instill the most fear and counter with the swiftest and appealing answer will be elected. I don't worry about global warming, but I do worry about the goverment's distraction of global warming to pull unethical movements.

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